7 Core things you must know about yourself

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1) What are your career goals? Are you looking for a new job or a change in your career path? Your approach will be quite different depending on whether you are entry level, simply working to keep yourself busy, desperate to regain an income flow, or you are attempting a career change.

2) What are the long term goals? If you don’t think your next job to last very long, or if it is more of a stepping stone, ask yourself this… will this particular role, accomplishments and responsibilities align with the expectations of the next hiring manager you want to impress.

3) What is your value? What are your distinct accomplishments in your field, the value of accounts or clients you bring with you, your designations or status in your own professional circles and so on.

4) What is your skill set? Be sure you are able to distinguish between your skills, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Create a list of your top 10 to 15 skills that relate to the job for which you’re applying and work them into the cover letter and your resume where appropriate.

5) What do you feel you can accomplish for the new employer?. Include intuitive examples about what you can accomplish for the position you’re applying for. Add this to the meat of your cover letter and be sure to address it in the interview for emphasis.

6) Where are you weak? When you are asked about areas of weakness, be able to acknowledge them and talk about how you see yourself overcoming them adding to your competence.

7) What have you done so far? Within the skills discussion demonstrate your unique ability to turn your skills into results the employer will value.

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