3 Really Good Interview Questions to Get Hired

Illustration depicting a sign with an interview concept.

One thing for sure, always have questions of your own to ask during an interview.

You can educate yourself on the web, glean Glassdoor and other resources but these three questions are typically killer ones to get in when the time arises.
For this job, what qualities does the right candidate have?

  • Try to ask this near the beginning of the interview, and you’ll find out specific desired skills that might not be in the description. Job descriptions are often cobbled together by many contributors least of all the interviewer.
  • Once you know what the interviewer / hiring manager really cares about hearing, you’ll be able to talk up your experience and those related skills you have in your answers.

At this point in the process, is there any particular reason why you wouldn’t hire me for this job?

  • This is a tough one to ask though it’s the only way you’re going to find out if they have any doubts about hiring you. If there are doubts you then have a chance to address those concerns and hopefully clear them up.
  • It is said that job seekers who are able to ask this question increase their chances of getting hired by about 25 percent.

What are the biggest challenges present in this role?

  • This question lets you know what the most important tasks are for this job, or what potential pitfalls may be waiting for you. Sometimes it’s an internal deal breaker for you but at least you know.
  • It’s also the perfect opportunity to show them how you turn to your strengths and skills to find solutions.

Don’t be afraid to ask tough good questions in an interview. You’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.

If you hear a contrary answer you may be saving yourself from misery in the role.

On the other hand you may also nail the interview and gain the position.

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