More Income, More Stress?

income stressAll of my clients have income goals that are present at the beginning of the CareerCOACH process.

There are several generalized income brackets that most people fall into:

  • $40,000-$50,000

The $40,000- $50,000 crowd often are young men and women who are either living at home or are living with a roommate to cut costs and live independently in the Bay Area. This group has to watch budgeting carefully and focus mostly on necessities rather than luxuries such as a new car or electronics.

  • $70,000 – $90,000

As you move up to the $70,00 – $90,000 bracket, we find independent living possible. An apartment in a good area, a newer car and spending money to enjoy some travel.  If the individual is a family person, then the spouse is likely to be working causing stress in the home life as childcare and related issues bear down on daily life.

  • $110,000 – $350,000

As we move into the $110,000 – $350,000 bracket independent living is established at the lower range and the type of job tends to be geared toward management or advancement upward. Often these jobs are in sales in High Tech or Pharmaceuticals.

The stresses of life are less on a daily grind level, but then taxes, long work hours and others are present and can be overbearing.


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Higher Income Is Not the Only Factor to Reduce Job Stress

 The graph above shows stress reducing at the $70,000 – $90,000 range but I would contend the stresses are not measuring some of the job related stresses present at higher income levels.

I recently had a client who had quit his high tech job at a very prominent social media company making $350,000 per year because he hated the work and couldn’t handle the stresses of the office any longer.

No matter what your stress level is, having a job that suits you well and pays you what you’re worth are the most important factors. If you have a tyrant boss, are underpaid, or hate what you do, perhaps we should talk to find out something better suited for you.

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