3 Job Hunting Truths or Myths?

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Truth or Myth 1

Truth: “You have to know exactly what you want to do before you start applying for jobs.”

  • Yes you should. Start by considering your strengths and what types of jobs that you could do if you found it.
  • Most people don’t start here but think about what you enjoyed about your education and any previous work experience you have; what do you enjoy doing in general, what are you passionate about?
  • Find some good assessments that measure your behavior, your motivations and task orientation to learn what’s on the inside of you.
  • Once you have all this information, share it with a friend who will be objective and help you focus it.
  • Or better yet, find a Career Coach who is trained to help you move forward.

Truth or Myth 2

Myth: “You have to find your perfect job now.”

  • Perfect is impossible to start with.
  • Determine what your short term job goals are, and project out to what a career might look like.
  • Think about what you want and need now and what you want 5-10 years’ down the line.
  • So while your current job might not be the ideal dream, if it’s a good balance of your short and long-term goals, you’ll find it’ll be the best start to landing your better jobs down the road.

Truth or Myth 3

Myth: “You know you’re never going to get a job, because you keep applying and you keep getting turned down.”

  • It’s tough out there! It’s tougher if you continue just to apply online and through job boards that are impersonal and you never get really seen.
  • The best way to find work is through using your personal network of contacts.
  • Look to your phone, Facebook LinkedIn and other sources and compile a list.
  • Start with the folks that know you best and begin to introduce them to your new resume and your career goals.
  • Most of my clients find interviews easier and jobs fulfilled in the first 35 people on their list.
  • Networking works oh so much better than just being a recruiter’s search result.

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