Get a Free Review of Your Resume – Does Your Stack Up?

resumeAs you have all read, the job market is going a bit crazy. Job seekers and job providers are all moving forward to connect the dots for new careers.

Does your resume stack up – in other words, does it represent you well?

Companies are looking hard for good employees!

What does this mean for you as you look for a job? First of all, there are more jobs to choose from. With this new movement across all industries, it could also mean that your ideal fob is about to open up – the one that drives your passions and purpose.

So is your resume ready to represent you well?  At CareerCOACH we believe your resume is more than just a chronological list of your work experience and education, your resume should be the entry document to a new and exciting career. It should be a concise and clean representation of what you have achieved in the past and what you can bring to the table to new employers.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you look over your resume:

  1. Does it quickly tell my story quickly, and sell my best attributes?

    Research shows that most recruiters are spending only five or six seconds reviewing a resume at first glance. That seems hardly enough time but they can assess your job history, titles and dates in just that much time and render a Yes or No.

You can overcome this challenge by making sure your resume is clear, concise and well formatted for starters. Recruiters need to know your strengths and key achievements. Many people talk about what they have done but don’t highlight achievements in $, % and # enough to catch the eye of a recruiter or HR person in that six second review.

  1. So how can I stand out?

    First of all, the format makes a huge difference. Not too crowded, crammed together only to fit on a single page. Sure, one page is ideal but don’t smash it together with 8 point type to do so. Allow some breathing room between jobs, education, achievements and skills so that they stand out in blocks.  Use a font that is “serifed” so that the eye naturally reads across the page easier and is less likely to stop. And at all costs, avoid lines across the page dividing up sections – the eye will stop there and your resume may not get a finishing read. Also, avoid cute resume templates.  The best template is a blank page with just the basis on it; it will read better and get read easier by resume tracking systems when you upload it on the web.


  1. Where Do I Start?

    To help you find out if your resume is properly showing your value, CareerCOACH is offering a free resume review. Complete the contact form and you will be contacted by one of our professional resume writers who will review your document for the things that could kill your chances, as well as the positive attributes. We are trained to spot weaknesses in each section of your resume, and we will discuss an insightful review after the assessment.

    You’ll not only find out what’s right with your resume – but more importantly, if it is actually preventing you from getting interviews. While the critique is free and valuable, you’ll also learn how we might successfully revamp your resume and refine your job search strategies – and exactly what that would cost.

Do people get resumes professionally written?

The short answer? Yes.  I can always tell when someone has invested in a professional at one point in their career – probably one in 50 resumes actually come to us looking fairly good.

You might be new to the concept of having someone else write your resume. Writing your own powerful and flattering resume can be very difficult and frustrating because you are writing about you. It’s hard to properly brag about ourselves because of modesty while others can see you for who you are and talk creatively about your skills and attributes. But crafting a powerful resume can be a difficult, frustrating process – regardless of your work skills or writing expertise.

“I’m a good writer, but I’m just not good at writing about myself.”…

“I know my industry well, but I don’t know how to represent my last job well….”

“My position suddenly ended and I haven’t written a resume in 10 years!”…

CareerCOACH has experience working with clients from across the nation in many industries facing these exact challenges.

A professional resume writer gives you unbiased, constructive feedback. Besides gaining the perspective another brings to your personal presentation, you can benefit from all kinds of nuances that Career COACH’S resume writers are trained to identify and optimize. Start by getting a free resume review.

Ok, so back to the review…

Can an improved resume really inspire more recruiter interest? Can I expect more interview requests? Absolutely, particularly if you’ve properly defined the job title you are working towards and the job titles you’ve held in the past that they search for.

Knowing what is wrong with your resume is only the beginning. Career Coach’s critique will equip you with the knowledge of what may have been holding you back and what has been working. Ultimately, though, it will be up to you to properly network within your industry, circulate your resume and make connections for your best chance at landing a new opportunity.

If you’re looking for more than just resume help, CareerCOACH has a full range of services from Passion and Purpose, to Assessments, Resume Writing, to Proven Career Finding Techniques to side-step the recruiters and get into the hidden job market directly.

Go to CareerCOACH and check out the Coaching Program and Resume Programs for yourself, then make Contact for more information and a personal call from a CareerCOACH.


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