More Income, More Stress?

All of my clients have income goals that are present at the beginning of the CareerCOACH process. There are several generalized income brackets that most people fall into: $40,000-$50,000 The $40,000- $50,000 crowd often are young men and women who are either living at home or are living with a roommate to cut costs and […]

Need A Better Resume? You Bet!

Did you know that the average job opening has over 300 applicants competing for it? Even worse is 75% of those applicants will be eliminated from the candidate pool by an applicant resume tracking system that many larger companies use. That means that only 25% make it to the desk of hiring managers. But, wait, […]

6 Tips on Searching for a Job While You Are Still Employed

Trying to find a job is difficult; doing a job search while employed often seems impossible. It may take a bit more planning and a few adjustments in the “normal” process, but it is possible to find a new job while you are employed. Try the following steps to help keep your sanity while you […]