4 Tips to Keep You on Target in Your Job Search

Here are 4 tips to keep you on target in your job search…

Job Search Tips

Tip 1: Unless you’re in the technical field, avoid using buzz words that are supposedly searchable.

Only a small group of companies use searchable resume’s and you’ll know them by the way they have you enter your resume field by field. Don’t sound like everyone else. Use a purpose statement at the beginning of your resume – usually two or three sentences that puts a human behind all the bullet points. Tell your story at the top. You are unique and you have an opportunity to show it. Example: I thrive in team base leadership roles where I can both mentor and lead the team to success.

Tip 2: When applying to job portals, be sure to do some homework.

Your resume will likely fall into a black hole if you just follow the web portal’s instructions. Find out who the hiring manger is and have your resume handed to them by someone you know in the company. If you don’t know anyone in the company there are ways of finding them through your network. LinkedIn doesn’t help you track your progress, it only makes connections. Start building your own personal network off line where you can track the progress of your conversations.

Tip 3: Use your interview time to learn more about the work environment.

Find out whether this is a new position or a replacement of a failure. Glean as much as you can about the corporate culture – it’s your life 40-50 hours a week you’ll be living there. Use your interview time to learn more about what is and isn’t working behind the scenes at your next possible job. Ask about the goals of the department or team you will be working with. You may also ask what the company does to boost employee morale; TGIF’s, holiday events, incentives and such.

Tip 4: In your cover letter and on a job interview explain where you thrive.

Tell stories about real situations where you have succeeded at work or anywhere. Use a three paragraph cover letter that addresses the facts, the vision of you working there, and a closure of next steps. Keep it simple and to the point. Five, Six and Seven paragraphs don’t even get read!

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Making Your Resume Pop

Did you know that a recruiter or HR person initially spends only 5-6 SECONDS looking at your resume. If the format is poor or the fonts are too small they are likely to put it in the “C” pile. The second pass is about 30 seconds to read your profile and glance at your job history. The resume needs to be crisply organized, without lines or visual barriers to reading to encourage them to read on.

Make a Resume

Of course you’re thinking about the content by now. It needs to be concise, not wordy and establish flow and achievements that are specific in each job. What we do in CareerCOACH is ensure that your resume POP’s with the right profile and verbiage that is clear and concise; avoiding industry acronyms and terms that cause confusion for the intended reader.

Finally, give them something to talk about with you when you enter the room. Make sure your resume speaks to who you are as an individual as much as it bulletizes your accomplishments and you’ll have a resume that gets read more than once and leads to an interview.